Books on articulation, synthesis, system thinking, prejudices and interpersonal interactions

In recent years we have come across several works that have improved our way of working.

Take this list as a suggestion:

Articulating draft decisions

A book about communication with people.The way we express our projects is often more important than real projects. This book shows how to develop empathy with stakeholders for your own benefit. There are practical tips on how to pass ideas to different recipients, prepare them for meetings and follow up.

Thinking in systems

A practical guide to system thinking. This book presents the world as a system of related agents. It helps to build a muscle to see a big picture and understand complexity. This was done by explaining how systems work, how to effectively use change, and how to understand typical pitfalls. Think of this book as a new lens for exploring the world.

The art thinking clearly

A useful encyclopedia of prejudices. This is the most used paperback book in many libraries. Describes cognitive and cultural prejudices that affect everyday thinking and decision making. It helps to become aware of your own behaviour and cognitive patterns. Also it gives you knowledge how sunk cost error, distortion of results or improper causality affect my work.

How to win friends and influence people

A timeless guide on dealing with people.A great gift for friends, family and colleagues. This work has aroused our interest in building empathy to improve interaction at work. In particular, how to talk about the interests and perspective of another person.

Exposing the magic of design

A book about project synthesis and sensory perception. It is a practical guide that facilitates the transition from design research to design solutions. Methods and tools for developing meaning are presented. This book has helps to become more resilient and confident in dealing with complexity.


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